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Most of us go to our grave with our music still inside of us. [entries|friends|calendar]

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Dream [06 Aug 2008|08:26pm]
A couple nights ago, I remembered part of a dream I had. It took place back in Groton, at the school. I remember going down the halls, they were really quiet. I went down to the bandroom, and remembered seeing Mr.Codner, and Ms.Elek. She's not called that anymore because she got married, but that's how I remembered her. He saw me, and asked me where my music was, and this was infront of the band, and i tried to go get my flute, but it wasn't in the locker. Then we were in the office, and I remember telling him it used to be a much happier place.  It was weird. I know, I do miss my music. I miss my piano more than flute though. 

The schedule is killing me... 

I wake up at 10:30
get ready, leave at 11:40
drop Chris off at 12:30
make my way over to work at 1
lunch at 5
get out at 10
wait for Chris to get back from wherever they go
can range to 12
get home half an hour later
go to bed at 1
only to repeat the whole thing over again for 4 days

I think that'll be the only relief when Chris leaves.

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[06 Aug 2008|07:58pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

 In a blah state of mind. 
Sometimes I feel like i'm losing control and I have no idea what to do. UGHHHH. 
This schedule needs to change. Many things need to change. 

Rock flew off a truck and hit my windshield, knicked it... Bah.

I also entertained the idea of becoming a veterinary assistant... no doubt it would put me into so much more debt... and it would be so much fun. I could handle that. The thing that turned me off was the 27k a year. BOO.

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[04 Aug 2008|09:55pm]
[ mood | calm ]

 Today, someone kept me on the phone for 30 mins, wanting an appointment when there was no time available. Still got a 3 in one sale out of him.

Another guy told me I was worthless, after a conversation that kept going in circles, and he was checking people out at his quickie mart. He told me to enjoy my check. I told him he could have services for free.

Then I had someone call me "quite a girl" because I gave him a better rate. I asked him if there was anything else I could do for him, and he said to get his little baby to be quiet. I told him I was a nanny and i'd be there in a heartbeat, but then the baby was quiet. I told him I was that good. :)

Then I had someone who wanted to disconnect everything, and I got him to stay with us. I credited him $114, but he stayed. :)

Yay for things evening out. 

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..and the ghosts can stay outside [03 Aug 2008|09:17pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Ugh. August! Wtf!

Friday was fun! Chris and I relaxed for most of the day, which was good. We really needed it. Then came Norm's retirement party. Norm is my dad's co-worker, that I've known since i was table height. The party was full of retirees, and friends of my parents. Many mistook me for my mom, which I had no problem with. I thought it was funny. "Oh are you still in Binghamton?" "Oh that's my mom, right next to me." hahaha. It was fun. Then people had to speak before the cake was cut. My dad was one of those people. Norm was one of those people that gave my dad the hardest time, teasing him and everything. They got along so well, because they were minorities who could take a joke. Norm's black, and my dad's the only spanish person in the department. They razzed eachother to no end, and my dad shared a couple of dirty stories at the party. My mom kept wanting to cover my ears, it was great. Soon after, the cake was cut, and people started leaving. Chris and I didn't know what to do, we were surrounded by old people. We ate cake, then my mom started to dance. So did my dad. Then she brought us up, and then everyone else started to dance. It was fun. We danced for about 3 house. Chris even did the YMCA with my dad! hahaha. And we slow danced, awwwwwww. My mom was so sore by the time we left, around 10:10. 

We told Ash we'd meet her in Ithaca to go watch Step Brothers. Btw.... very funny movie. Excellent Will Ferrell. SOOO funny. A bit frustrating at some parts, but it was a classic. I can't wait for the gag reel. I want to see it again. hahaha. I also want to see The Mummy, and Pineapple Express.... maybe before going to Heather's on Friday, if we're still on for it. Anyway, it was good seeing Ash, I invited her to the Speidie festival that we were going to on Saturday, and that I couldn't wait another 2 months to see her. I was sore after getting up from the movie, it was bad. So was Chris. I knew my mom wouldn't be able to move in the morning after all that dancing. We passed the fuck out when we got home. It was great. 

I was rudely awakened by rain on my face at 6:30 in the morning. I shut my window and tried to get back to sleep. It wasn't happening. Thunder kept rumbling on for the next hour or so. Finally I fell asleep at 8:30, only to wake up again at 11:30. I walk out to the stairs to find Chris kinda panicked, he couldn't find my mom or my dad. I told him my dad was probably working, and my mom was at walmart. Sure enough, she was at Biglots, and would be home in 5 minutes. She let us sleep in! We then went to Chinese, came back and my dad was on the couch downstairs. We relaxed a bit, and left my dad at the house as we went to the Festival. It was nice seeing my mom, she had missed me. We walked around the festival, chris got a pickle on a stick, my mom got her funnel cake, and I got my speidie. Mmmm. Then Ash and her brother Jake showed up, and watched the balloons. They were oh so pretty, but they didn't take off, a thunderstorm was coming. My mom was thoroughly upset. Not really though, she was happy with her kettle corn and funnel cake. We rode home with iced green tea from starbucks, and naming off what we could make out in the clouds. I saw a man on a bike, a dolphin, mount rushmore, and lots more. Chris saw yoshi, and my mom saw someone swimming. It was a fun night ^.^ We continued to get Little Caesars, and watched Ceasar Milan for the rest of the night. 

Back to work, blehhhh. 
Gas: 3.92! Yay!

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[31 Jul 2008|09:52pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

 I was on the phone yesterday, this guy wanted a deal after already getting one. So he tried being sly with me when I was summing up his bill. I wasn't falling for it. He also tells me I sound very young. He covers the mouth piece, but I can still hear him, "She's a quick one, i'll give her that." So I tell him the information he wants, and I give him another deal, just a bit more expensive. He asks me a question, and I go research it, and he goes "if you're as pretty as you sound, you should have no problem."  And all I could do was laugh. It was great. He was an old man. They're so cute. 

It's my friday yay!

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[30 Jul 2008|09:40pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

 So the past weekend was pretty fun! 
After work last Thursday night, we headed over to Dennis' and brought some wings. They were awesome. We set up  Rock Band and played all night. We got up around 9 to head over to Darien Lake. We stopped by a Dunkin Doughnuts and picked up some foods, of course all Chris got was iced coffee. We talked all the way to Darien Lake, all like controversial stuffs and whatnot, it was fun to be able to do that. The park was already pretty full by the time we got there. We first went on the mind eraser, then grizzly run, pirate boat, the motorcycle rollercoaster, the log thingy, boomerang. That's when Chris got sick, just because he didn't have anything in his stomach except for bile. At that point, we went to go eat something. Just for 2 corndogs, fries, and a drink = $20! I was shocked. We didn't by anything else there that day. After that, we decided to go our separate ways, since Chris wasn't feeling too good. I told him the water rides would make him feel better. Dennis and Cheri went to go ride the Superman. Chris and I first went to one of the new rides, big red tube thing. We got in line and waited a while. I look on the back of this guys back, and tattooed across it was "White Pride" and I wasn't feeling so easy. It still shocks me that someone can hate me without knowing anything I was about. His gf was really pretty though, had stunning eyes. He didn't say anything, we actually rode in the tube down with them. I wonder what would have happened if i started speaking spanish at the end of the ride. hehe. Whichever. After that we went into pirates lagoon and wandered around a bit. Then we went to the wave pool, where Chris had a lot of fun. It was like going in with a little kid. :) Then we went over to the other side, and rode down the tubes. Chris kept wanting to go again. Then we went on grizzly run again after we met up with Dennis and Cheri. Then we rode on the swings and left. It was fun. We got some little ceasers, and played some more rockband. The next day we got up, and went to target to get some sunblock. Then played more rockband. Then we headed over to harborfest. Man, it was so freaking hot. We walked around and enjoyed the sites. I guess the bridge was closed down, so we were put into a different route. Dennis said there weren't as many people as there were before. Chris saw someone from work that was staying in the hotel overlooking the harbor, strung with bud light banners. Awesome. We got some mixes for cheesecake, yay! Chris and I got some bottles of wine, and got buzzed while the fireworks went off. I kept drinking some wine in the car. hehe. I told chris to do the same. We got back, ate leftovers, and played more.... Rockband! Then I passed out in bed. I woke up to chris going to the bathroom. I ask if he's ok, and he said that he's been puking up all night. So I start packing stuff up so we can get him home. We went to walmart to get some stuffs, and he was feeling better. I was running on no sleep, but had to go home, and then back to work. eeeee. Atleast I got chinese later.

This weekend, no Renaisance Festival! Speidie Fest instead. Yayyyy.

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[21 Jul 2008|08:44pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

hell day.
We were in que all day today. It finally died down a bit , thank god. 
I'm gonna try to wear my contacts again. I need some change. 


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I love Sundays at work. :) [20 Jul 2008|08:18pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]


Work has finally recognized me as part of the retention team, instead of being part time outbound. I'll be getting the nightly differential, which is $120 more a month. Also the monthly bonus, which can be up to $500 a month. Yay! 
I also got 3 mystery calls last month, which are $50 each. I also got one last week. Which is good, cuz I just had to pay $311 car bill for an O2 sensor. And $306 to my car insurance. Good for another 6 months! Woo!

Last weekend Chris and I headed over to Dana's for the weekend. We got there around 1:30am, and hung out and watched tv. Then we got up at 12:30, and headed over to the Galleria. WE did some shoppaging. Dana got 2 dresses! Yay! I got more capris and tanks. Later that night we went to Dave and Buster's, and ate good foods. Then we played games. we got like 900 tickets, mainly thanks to Chris. Next day we went to Niagara Falls, Chris had never been. It was great, weather was hot, a bit cloudy, and perfect for some mist. We went on the Maid of the Mist, and got soaked. Pictures soon. Waiting to get on the boat was a bitch. Plastic stickiness. We got in the front of the boat! Never happens. We went by the first set of falls, and the wind was kinda crazy. I had my camera in a plastic baggie, so nothing would happen.  Then we got to the second part of the falls, and i tried to take lotsa pictures. They were prettier than I remembered. Chris loved it. Dana and I were cracking up at how soaked we were getting. Loved it. Once we got back, we went up to the path around the waterfall, and got completely wet. We then had a picnic by the falls. Dana was excellent at packing lunches, she felt too much like a mom haha. We saw a some couples take their wedding pictures by the falls, it was cute. We got out of the place just before a really bad storm hit. Then we took a nap when we got back. Then we went to duff's, and ate a crapload of wings. Yum. Then dairy queen! Thin mint blizzard. It was good seeing dana, even though she came to visit the week before. We had wanted to see her again this weekend, but amazingly, she chipped a tooth. We were planning on doing fondue night! Next time. 

Chris gets to keep his job! Amazing. He made his weekly standard of $600, just a one time thing. After that, his weekly standard $450. :) It was SO so so so close too. Those bastards at CCE are evil evil people, they don't tell you everything about the job till it's too late. I told Chris, if I see his boss ever, I'm going to punch her in the face. :) We went out to celebrate last thursday night, by going to see The Dark Knight. We went over at shopping town mall, and there were some people that got dressed up as some of the characters. Mainly teeny boppers. Lots of geeks out in the parkinglot. We went to Fridays to get some munchies. They're open till 12. Yay! Chris had his blue moon, and I had 3 LIT's. Yum. I was buzzed by the time we went to go see the movie. It was filling up quick, so we just sat in the reserved seats, since they were right upfront. They even handed out free comic books too. They were giving shirts away, and Chris almost got one, but this HS asshole hyperextended Christopher's finger and elbow. Just for a fucking shirt. Later on he turns to Chris and goes "No guts, no glory" I wanted to punch him in the face, but I was also buzzed, so I didn't. I told Chris that the guy's gf is a cunt. Then I looked over and saw she was pregnant. Then I felt bad. But then I didn't, cuz the guy's life was over. HS baby daddy trying to get everything for free. haha. I'm such a bitch. BUT.... the movie was amazing. Definitely worth the midnight screening. Loved it. Mostly. Except for the girl ratio in the movie. Sexist. 

Last friday, we did nothing. We layed by the pool. Delicious. We were finally able to relax. Lovely. I got some color! So did Christopher. Mostly lobster color. I took the sting away by applying vinegar to his back, and it actually worked!
Next day was Krockathon. I wore my pants, chucks, and tank. Chris was able to wear his shorts. He also brought his soco, and I brought my rum. Took an hour to get there, so we listened to sickpuppies on the way. It was different from the last time I was there, there was acutally room for parking. I remember the last time, I had to park basically a mile away. I also came pretty late too. So we were in a lane with a bunch of cars, and there were sooo many beer cans strewed about. People were tailgating, playing beer pong, and grilling in their trucks. It was a pretty cool sight too see. Chris took atleast 7 shots of soco, i tried to suck it up and take some of my rum, but it wasn't happening. I can't do shots anymore. :( We walked over to the gates. The line to get id'd was longer than the line to get in surprisingly. We basically budged and hung out with drunk people. They weren't going to let me take in my excedrin, until they saw it written out on the pills. Then we made it in! Mass sea of people. Luna Halo was on, and we stood by the sound boards. It was an actually a good spot. Then it started to rain. Chris couldn't feel his nose, and I just laughed. Then we went to get some foods. We saw people getting high and pissing in the cornfield as we ate.  We headed over to the beer hall/place. We got in line... well we bypassed the line by going to the outeredge. Some drunkies yelled at us, but we stayed there and got beer. After we had gottedn our beer, they still yelled at us, telling us where the line was. Does that make sense? No. They wanted a fight. I just kept drinking as they yelled. They were so drunk. All we had was a icecream and a fiber one bar. 12 Stones wasn't too bad either. All we wanted to see were Sick Puppies. We started moving up through the pit, and were only 2 people away from the front railings. There were these little girls infront of me. I knew they were going to get crushed. We were pretty dry before we got in there, but about a minute afterwards, we were drenched in people's sweat. It was pretty smelly. I guess this year they had firetruck hoses, which felt oh so good. Set change, and then Sick Puppies got on. They played a great set. Those girls in front of me suffered and tried elbowing everyone. Yeah didn't work. :) Sick puppies even played their Destiny Child's number, Say my name. They didnt throw their stuff out into the crowd, which I was a little upset about. We got some pictures of them signing stuff, and chris even played hackey with some random people. Shinedown came on, and played a good set. We were getting tired. Seether came on, and we stayed for like 2 songs and left. We were muddy, wet, tired, and hungry. We changed by the car, and chris wasn't wearing underwear. Typical. So he got nekkid in front of everyone at the parking lot. As we began to drive away, we get into this random pouring storm. we got out of there just in time. We headed over to buffalo wild wings, and had chili fries and wings. It was a full day. We were there from 2-8, then went to eat. We got back and watched tv. 

Now I'm at work. Yay. 
Lazy sundays.


Next week: 

Darien Lake
Harbor Fest

Week after:
Ren Faire
Steak place

Weeks after after:
State Fair

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It's my fridayyyyyyyyy [19 Jun 2008|09:14pm]
[ mood | happy ]


I'm at work.

It's my friday.

I don't work tomorrow.


My parents are going to Gowanda this weekend. Last weekend, my parents never made it to New Hampshire. My dad got called into work the previous Tuesday, and was out of town till Saturday. My mom didn't really want to go by herself and the girls, so she stayed home with me and Chris. It was fun having her around, and actually seeing her for a weekend. Friday we basically just chilled, and hung around the pool. Then at night around 4:30 we went to the Syracuse/Jamesville Balloon Fest. Chris had never been! It was amazing. :) I don't know why I never really liked them before, but it's really something when they start inflating them right infront of you. You feel really tiny. But yes, it was fun. I had my  first deep fried oreos! They were actually delicious. I like soft oreos to begin with anyway. Christopher got his cotton candy, and he was happy. My mom was happy with her kettle corn. The balloons didn't take off though. They all inflated, and deflated. They were pretty atleast. Seems like there were storms around the finger lakes, and were headed this way. Syracuse airport was going to charge each balloon to land in their air space. Poop. Chris found out that information. Cuz I told him to find out. :) We decided to go. On our way out, we swarmed a Jack Link's booth that was packing up to go home. We thought you had to pay for it when we initially passed it. Well everyone was grabbing everything for free, so we all got like 10 things of beef jerky. And while walking to the car, at the entrance, they were giving out free vitamin water! So it was a definite jackpot. 

I couldn't freaking sleep that night. I went to bed around 1, woke up at 4, and couldn't sleep. So pissed. I went downstairs to hang out online, and to watch tv. I then slept till 9, when my mom woke up. We then decided to go to walmart. To try to find a father's day present. We wanted to get him a grill. The one we wanted was dented, and was dinky. Dinky as in small. I didn't like it. We then went on our way to Ithaca, leaving Chris sleeping at the house. While we were at Dunkin Doughnuts, getting my mom's mandatory coffee, my dad texted us. He was finally home! We were in my dad's truck too, so he must've been a little scared that his truck had off and gone. "you better be fueling my truck if you're driving it." was his exact text message. Wonderful. So we still go to Ithaca to see what's with the grill situation. We go to Lowe's instead of walmart, and find a pretty good size one, not dinky, and not ginormous. Yay! I paid half, and my mom paid half. Oh and when we were at the register, we had also bought these grill items that was advertised for 19.95. He had JUST put up a sign at that price. Well it rings up at 29.95. We wait for the price check. The line grows longer. The manager comes over to us. He asks us what's going on, and asks US what we THINK we saw. My mom says "I KNOW I saw it for 19.95. That's what it says."   Heehee. I love my mom. We took our time, and got the discounted price. We still went to walmart to get some necessities and a window fan. My dad was ready to take the one we put in Chris's room back. The heat the week before was craziness. I bought a couple toys for the pool aswell. :) 

Later that night, we decided to go see The Happening. Big disappointment. :( :( :( I wanted SO much to like it. But my friends and I were all disappointed. Whatever. Bah. BUT... The Hulk was awesome. Much better than what I thought it was going to be. I'm glad Chris made me go. We went last thursday night, at the midnight showing. Full of nerds, and comic book geeks. It was awesome. It filled up too, and there were only 2 girls in the theater, including me. They even gave out free comic books. 

Chris's job has been draining me! Omg. Staying till about 11:30 and then driving home is insane. All I do is sleep and work. No time for anything else.


Almost done!


Next couple day plans: sleeping, swimming, cooking, airshow, wii!

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [11 Jun 2008|09:41pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]





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AGAIN! It went by too quick. [08 Jun 2008|08:55pm]
[ mood | working ]

I'm watching the Da Vinci Code right now. Yayy for tv's in cubicles.

This weekend was awesome! My parents went away to Georgetown for the americade starting on Wednesday. We had the house to ourselves all week. You know what woke me up on Thursday? Freakin birds, at 5 am. It sounded like 10 flocks outside my window. I was in my parent's bed, so their room faces out amongst the trees and yard. Why there were 5 million chirping birds outside my window, I don't know. I went and closed the window, and passed out for a couple more hours. Unfortunately, I had to go to work. It was nice coming home to Chris cooking and whatnot. :) We tried to stay up, but I can't stay up much past 1am anymore. I kick Chris's ass in Mario Kart, while he kicks mine in Smash. :) We also figured out the online function!! So now i need Wii friends.

Friday, we relaxed. We were going to go see the new Narnia movie, but I just wanted to veg. Besides, it was disgustingly hot. We vegged downstairs, and we also went shopping some, for foods. Chris is getting better at driving, yay! He hasn't killed me yet. A couple near heart attacks, but that'll get better. He can almost navigate his way through Cortland now. So instead of penne with chicken, we made it with shrimp! 10x better. Very yummy. and with cayenne pepper. Yummm. Made it a little bit spicy. Before then, we actually were chilling in the pool. Cleaning it at the same time. It was about 90 out, and the pool was 74. A nice change. We still screamed while trying to get all the way into the pool.  It was fun getting in and out of the pool. The floor outside was too hot, and the water was too cold. I had to dunk Diego in, he was panting. He didn't forget how to swim though!

Saturday we got up at 7:50, to get some k-rockathon tickets. :) Earlybird special! Yay! Then we went to get some cash for later, and ph plus for the pool. We went back home and slept 3 more hours downstairs. The humidity hit us like a wall. We couldn't handle it upstairs. Then we went to Dennis's! For wii! Then went to the taste of syracuse. It was yummy. The shrimp was really good. But i have to go.


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Weekend went by too quick. [01 Jun 2008|08:23pm]
Last thursday, Chris went to work with me. Well, he didn't go in till late at night, but he was in my car. He cleaned some, and slept basically. Then he watched tv at like 7:30. Inside. Right across from me. We had intended to go to Red Robin afterwards, but he got a tummy ache. We think it's from the mix of sushi and a half moon cookie. But it made the day go by much faster, knowing he was down there. :) He even drove home! And didn't manage to kill me, which is always nice.

We slept in till 12. It was delicious. I supposedly had a shot scheduled for 1pm, so we headed over there, only to find out that there were no nurses available. Fucked up. Oh well. We then went to DP Dough to get some lunch. I then tried to teach Chris how to parallel park. We couldn't find 2 cars! Seriously. So we just practiced with 1 car. Wasn't so bad. First, he was 2 feet from the curb, then 1, then he hit the curb. Just because I put some pressure on him. :) Then we went to Aldi's, then back to icecream, then to Walmart, then to tractor and feed. I surprised my mom with 2 bird feeders and a stand. We got to the house, and then my dad arrived. I told Chris to go run and open the garage door for my dad, since he was on the motorcycle. My dad goes "Didn't even have to push a button!" So Chris and I set up the birdfeeders, and it looked real nice. My mom comes home, and of course, we don't tell her. I wanted to see what she'd say. So we go about our business. She asks me, "why don't you go put the steak on the grill?"  I play dumb, and tell her I don't know how, and see if she could do it for me. She acted a bit frustrated, but in a fake way. We go upstairs with her, and she notices stuff about Diego. She makes her way outside, with the lighter to start up the girl. SHE DOESN'T SEE THE FREAKING FEEDERS. I'm going to Chris, "WTF!" So we keep talking and talking, and I give her the steak, and she's talking. She then turns around to go towards the pool. Finally. She was in midsentence when she finally goes "Ooooh!"  It was about freaking time. She liked them a lot. They then left for the hospital to go visit our friend, Spoon. He's actually in the hospital. He WAS in a coma. He had been coughing up blood a lot lately, and I guess last week, it didn't stop. They induced a coma, to hopefully stop the bleeding. From what I hear, it didn't stop, and it seemed like he got worse. After they came back they said he was doing better. Thank god. It was weird, just a week ago I had just given him a huge hug. He was also going to talk to Chris. Scare him or something. Ugh. :( Atleast he's doing better. Chris and I just played games the rest of the day. 

Saturday we had originally planned to wake up early, and paint the porch. WRONG! :) We skipped it, and are going to do it another day. My parents are leaving Wednesday to go to the Americade for 5 days I think. It'll be nice to have the house to ourselves. :) But anyway, I woke up at 9:30, and played video games. I unlocked the rest of the mario kart stuffs! I've been playing like crazy. My mom said I should probably wake up Chris around 11:30. So I did. Then Heather came over, we all got ready to go, and we were off to the Lumber Jack trials! We saw Peg and her husband, and met some of the other people. They then got ready, and started chopping! They were all standing on one peice of like 2 foot long trunk, and had to chop it in half. It's amazing how much force some of the guys had. There were 2 girls, pretty skinny, but had some strength in them. Then there was Boomer. A lab/really big dog mix. Gigantic paws! Soooo adorable though. We then started chopping wood ourselves, the left over pieces. First went Heather, she did better than she thought she would. Then went Christopher, who did very well. Then I chopped wood, with this one pieceWe wanted to do more, but we had to go to Monsterjam. YAY. I almost drooled on Chris on the way over. Heather leaned her head back and fell asleep, and if we had gotten into an accident, she probably would have snapped her neck. We got special parking! Heather was a gimp, so we pawned that off too. We were an hour and a half early, and the stands were already packed. We made sure we were protected by the canopy, and found a spot. Thank God I brought pillows, cuz the benches were harder than I remembered. Chris, Heather and I weent off to get nachos, pretzels, drinks, and souveniers. Everything was wayyyy over priced. Next time, we're coming earlier, and bringing our own damn stuff. So we waited. And waited. We saw some atvs and waited some more. It was around 7:30, and they started to bring the trucks out. Everyone stood up. That was annoying. We all put our ear plugs in. It was great. I love the trucks. I don't know why, but I do. I LOVE IT. :) The goodness continued. I have pictures! We saw The ninja turtle car, taz, viper, gravedigger, and maximum destruction. They were all fun. They would do an event, then do the atvs, then another event. Some ass spilled beer, and it got all over my dad's jacket. He didn't say anything to my dad, till my dad turned around, and gave him a look. He looked kinda scared haha. Then came intermission, where they stacked more cars on eachother. They were going to do the monster truck freestyle. :) The last 3 cars were the most memorable. Taz was awesome! He was 3rd to last, and actually flipped on his side! The top kinda came off. The ears and everything. :( Then it was Gravedigger's turn. He was pretty awesome, doing huge jumps and whatnot. Then after doing a couple jumps, the back rear left wheel popped of, and so did some of the underparts of the car. The crowd errupted into cheers and "oooooh's" while they hauled the truck off the roadway. Then came maximum destruction. My dad said that he would have to do cartwheels to beat gravedigger. Well, he was doing really good, high jumps, doughnuts, and everything. Then, the front driverside wheel popped off. He kept going. And going, and going. We were all cheering. Then he stopped. POOF! Inflames the car went! We were all like "YAY!!!!..... Oh wait, OMG!"  We were kinda scared. But he was alright. I got it on film too. :) I'm awesome. That was basically it. We went to the car, and decided we were hungy. We ordered DP Dough, and went home and ate. Heather, Chris and I then proceeded to play Mario Kart till 1:30, and then i passed out in bed. 

Yayyyy monster trucks. :)


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My brain feels funny. [28 May 2008|09:54pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

My head hurts!
Uber busy night. But whatever. MONSTER JAM THIS SATURDAYYYYY. Freakin took me half an hour to get out of Cortland this morning. I was like 5 minutes late. I don't like that. I had to pick up the tickets. So I get to downtown Syracuse, not knowing exactly where to go. 800 South State st. Ok so I saw no numbers on any of the buildings. I'm guessing it was the on-center. It was about 12:35. I needed to be at work at 1pm. So I call Chris. And call. And call... AND FUCKING CALL. The boy was showering and shaving. But I was pissed off at that point. So I get to where i'm supposed to go, get the tickets. $64 for 5! Even with my coupons! That I had to get more of this morning, because I thought I left them at work. But no, they were in my car. Dammit. I found that out later at lunch time. Anyway, I got my tickets, and Chris informs me it's 12:45. Shit. I start running (Note to self: start running). I run out of the building, and get to work at 1! But, my computer is off, and can't log into it till 1:04. Grrr. Busy day. So I'm getting some mcd's, going home, and playing mario kart. Yes yes. I can't wait for saturday.

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"We're gonna need some backup." [20 May 2008|06:52pm]
Eventful week-end-ish!


Started out last Wednesday. I couldn't wait to get out of work. I really couldn't. I then raced to Heather's house to meet up with the gang. I had bought some goodies for the week too. Everyone was downstairs. I let myself in, to see Heather to come up and meet me. We put my stuff in her room, and talked about about the whole situation. They like eachother! Yay! Kris and Heather anyway. We went to the basement, and watched them play pool for a bit. We then continued on to play guitar hero, as they continued to hit the ceiling with pool sticks. Kris is a very loud boy. We also started drinking that night too. After all the games and whatnot, we decided to watch a movie. We ended up watching the Emperor's Groove. LOVE that movie. Forgot how much i loved that movie. Remembered first seeing it at Bryn's house in highschool, with a bunch of girls. Brought back lots of memories. Anyway, we snuggled up to the movie, and watched that, and ended up in Heather's room. We kept yelling at the boys to be quiet. Wasn't working. Then Heather showed us what she found at work. Undies! They were in a little handmade envelope. Kinda creepy. We sat up talking for a while, then we got all cozy and tried to sleep. The boys had finished off their drink, which was basically alllllll everclear. Bad bad. They were drunky. So when we turned the lights off, they got all funny like. It was funny. We keep talking. Then Chris says "I'm not even tired anymore!"  So just a little bit later, he falls asleep snoring. I'm basically sleeping, when all of a sudden I hear "I'm going to fart on you" come from Heather. I woke up out of my sleeping stupor and started laughing, and was all "WHAT!?"  It was really funny. But then I zonked out, and passed out. Till Heather woke me up and told me to move into her parents' room to sleep, since we were on the floor. COMFIEST BED EVERRRR. Very nice.  

Next day.
We woke up. Just layed in bed for a bit. It was nice not to worry about work. It was around 1pm. We could hear them giggling in the other room. Then they came into our room, thinking they could suprise us, while we just stared at them. Ruined their surprise! We just hung out a bit, then Heather went to her lesson along with Kris. Christopher and I went shopping. Groccery shopping anyway. We got a bottle of wine, and some champagne at the liquor store. Then we got the ingredients for the night. Penne! Mmmm. And goodies, and soda. We got back to Heather's, to find that Adrienne and Jason were there. Everyone helped with the grocceries, and i parked in the carport thingy. Right behind Kris' car. It was fun. The boys got busy, cooking for all of us. Was my idea to put chicken into the recipe. Mmm. Needed some more protein. And it was delicious! They said it was the best ever. We mixed sauces too. My idea aswell. It was yummy. They all decided to hula hoop as well. It was funny! Everyone was able to hula hoop surprisingly. EVEN HEATHER. :-p We ate, and drank, and played. Played wii. And then we got drunky. The boys got topless. It was great. Then Kris brought out these gloves filled with steel. We decided to hit the boys with them. They left welts. Lots of pictures. And Chris got the bright idea of dropping the gloves onto his genitals. Smartest idea ever. Of course he was in pain, and rolling around on the floor afterwards though. Perfect. Jason and Adrienne were also supposed to leave at about 9pm. They decided to extend that. Then we played cards. Jason didn't want to leave. It was fun. We all got drunky. It was a ton of fun. Why is the end of the night a blank for me? I know we slept in Heather's room. hahaha. I wasn't THAT drunky.

The day we were SUPPOSED to go hiking. Yeah, didn't work out. Stupid rain. What we did instead, was go get some wings, go to the mall, wander a bit, and go see Speed Racer. Amazing! I KNEW it was going to be good. Chris doubted it from the beginning. After that, we went to Heather's aunt's to go hot tubbing. The boys got new trunks, showed them off, and didn't go in naked. She didn't have her trampoline up. :( It was still fun though! :) We even had a bit of champagne in the tub. I also just totally spelled tub "but." teehee. Chris lost a couple of shirts that he got at Steve and Barry's. :( He got a tuxedo shirt! One that looks like a tux, but really is a tee shirt. Like a redneck. Amusing. I wasn't so sad about the fact that he lost it. hehe. Anyway, the hot tub wore us out. We got soooo sleepy. We watched Juno though. It was good! I loved it. Very different. Jason Bateman cracks me up. He was such a jerk though. bah. I think we all fell asleep early. Oh wait, no we didn't. Chris and I fell asleep early, cuz we were freezing cold. haha. Heather and Kris played donkey kong all night. 


Chris had a hair appointment at 2pm. We were also going to my parent's to eat some empanadas. :) mmmm. Chris totally changed his hair, and we got some cheesecake and drinks for the visit. We then played Banzai! downstairs. It was fun and random. We wore the headbands too. After that, we went to Whitney's gradumatation party. It was out in Pompey. We saw everyone, and stood around a fire for a bit. I was acting dd. I stirred the fire. Me likey. I was happy as a clam. We also played with fireworks! So much fun. Then had some pizza, chilli, played wii, and saw the vodka infested watermelon. Seems like a good idea. I'd like to do that with cantelope i think. Maybe some rasberry vodka, or rum! I dunno. I had to work the next day, so we left a bit early. We were hungry, so we stopped by price chopper, and picked up some frozen White Castle, and some chicken nuggets. We got home, watched Anchorman and Super troopers, and went to bed. Cuz I suck and work sundays.

Chris and I got up around 11 to pack up and leave. We said our goodbyes to Heather and Kris, and were on our way home. I got changed, and left for work. Slow day at work thank god. But that basically sums up the week. It was lovely.

I need more vacation dammit.

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pictures! [13 May 2008|08:43pm]

I LOVE THIS PICTURE. We don't take family portraits or anything, but I love love love this picture of us. While waiting at the cracker barrel.

My dad being a jerk.

Him being a jerk again not wanting to be serious.

A little better. I loves them.

Our little family.

My momma and I

Picture of the bat my dad and I saved!

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"You did it Peter! You found the last scroll!" [13 May 2008|08:29pm]
I'm getting antsy. I don't want to work. Haha. 3 days of fun! Planned anyway. One thing I've learned with Ash, don't say you're going to do it, say you have "plans" to do whatever. You don't want to jinx anything. Whichever. An assortment of plans for the next couple days: have boys cook for me and Heather, hot tub trampolining, Howe Caverns scariness, nice night out, snes, wii, drinking funness, and empanadas! Probably more that I can't remember right now. We will see. 
We tried to get Chris's permit today, but we need his freakin birth certificate. His mom will be mailing that, and smash that he had forgotten. We played Nights last night, and I loved it! Took me back to my sega days, and out playing the hell out of the demo I had for it. I didn't have too many games, but just had a lot of free demos. I had no money haha. 
I'm not hating work. So that's a good sign. What I am hating are these gas prices. :(

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Sonny [11 May 2008|08:08pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I'm sorry
I heard about the bad news today
a crowd of people around you
telling you it's ok
and everything happens for a reason

when you lose a part of yourself to somebody you know
it takes a lot to let go
every breath that you remember
pictures fade away, but memory's forever

an empty chair at all the tables
and I'll be seeing you when all my days boil down
but its better where you're going anyway

I'm sorry
I heard about the bad news today
it's really hard to get through
tough times and long days
but it really just depends on the season

when you lose a part of yourself to somebody you know
it takes a lot to let go
every breath that you remember
pictures fade away, but memory's forever

an empty chair at all the tables
and I'll be seeing you when all my days boil down
for now we'll say good bye
we know it's not the last time
I've lost the best part of my day
but its better where you're going anyway

an empty chair at all the tables
and I'll be seeing you when all my days boil down
for now we'll say good bye
we know it's not the last time
I've lost the best part of my day
this is the last thing
i will remember
its better where you're going anyway

I love love love this song. I had forgotten about it. I heard it today on one of the cds I found in my car. It always makes me cry. So melancholy. haha, i'm such a sap. I loves it.

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"You neo-nazi-nitwit!" [11 May 2008|04:22pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Yesterday, my first day off in 6 days, was busy. I had cleaned up so much, did 4 loads of laundry, got Chris's room ready, cleaned my car, vaccumed it, polished the inside, and more i can't remember. It was a good day. My parents were out for a ride, and I was able to nap with Diego. Awesome. They came home around 7, when I was in the shower. After I got out, I was surprised to see Spoon, a friend of ours, just chilling with my parents and shooting the breeze. He's gonna test Chris out when he gets here haha. Spoon's about 5x bigger than Chris, so we'll see how this intimidation goes. Hehe. Insurance in a way. He's known me since i was like table height. Confederate do-rag and all. :)

Happy Momma's day!

It's been a good one. 

Dad woke me up at about 7:30, asking if I was ready. We always do the early morning thing on holidays and birthdays. It's tradition. So i got my little gift bag, and dragged my feet to my parent's room. I gave my mom a kiss, and waited for her to open up gifts. My dad had gotten her like 7 pairs of really pretty diamondesque earrings. "One for every day of the week!" I had seen them at his desk while I was snooping a couple weeks ago. I wanted to take them. Then she opened mine, which was a Numi Tea set thingy, that had hand sewn flower blooms. It also came with a clear teapot. You put the bloom in the teapot, put the hot water in, and it looks like the flower blooms in the water. It steeps the tea with no mess. She loved it. Definitely unique. Then we just sat talking in bed, in our pj's for the longest time. I finally took Diego out, got into bed, and looked at motorcycles online with my dad. Lots of sportsters for sale. Not a good beginner bike though. 

Around 9, we left to go to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast. 50 minute wait! Crazy. My dad called it though. He said we should go early. I guess it was their busiest day of the year. I also snapped some pictures that I'll post later. I need to update more. I want more memories. Breakfast was awesome. 

Somehow we got into stories about my dad's childhood. He was telling me how brutal my grandma really was. He never had a childhood, which explains why he has so many toys now, and the way he acts sometimes. I guess my grandmother used to get my dad darker clothes, and his brother (my uncle) the lighter clothes. They also wore the same shoe size, so they used to fight about shoes and clothes a lot. I asked my dad about the worst time he got in trouble. I guess when he was real young, he was playing with a candle. He also had an orange peel, and was playing with the oil spray, just being fascinated by it. Well I guess he had put the candle next to a pair of my grandmother's galoshes, and had gone to eat dinner. While they were eating dinner, they suddenly smell smoke coming from the other room. I guess there was a small fire, and the galoshes had been burnt. My dad had never seen her so angry. She wasn't angry about the fire, or the burns, or the possibility of having the house burnt down. She was furious with her boots being ruined. I think my grandma started to beat my father, and he had tried to get away, well he had tripped and fell. My grandmother grabbed him by the leg, and dragged him to the bathroom. On the way there, there was a step he was dragged over, and slammed his head against. My grandmother had dragged him over to the tub. Back then, they used to fill the tubs with water, because water would only be available at certain times, so they filled it so they could use it during the day and whatnot. Well, she plunged my dad's head in, and held him under. He says he remember just seeing water. All she did was yell. He came back up, but she put his head back under. He said he didn't remember seeing anything the second time. Thank God, but an uncle that they hadn't seen decided to stop by for a visit. I guess my grandmother had gone out to see who it was. My father stayed in the bathroom, and my uncle had no clue of what had just gone on. Horror story right? I guess my grandmother owned a horse whip aswell. She was a bit abusive. At the end of this whip was a loop, so you could put attachments or whatever. My uncle, Gaston, had gotten in trouble for something, but my father doesn't remember what it was. Well, my grandmother got so mad, that she took the whip, made a noose out of the whip, and tried to put it through a hook that they had hanging from the rafters. Thank God that the hook had gave way, before anything had happened. Man, my grandmother was brutal. I think the worst thing that was done to me was being beaten with a hairbrush and tupperware. I guess that's why my father never really laid a hand on me. Probably too afraid of becoming his mother. He does have a temper, and I know better than to set him off. After hearing that story, I just wanted to hug him. I think it's why he never really talks about his childhood either. Lots are bad memories. I need to pry a bit more. It made me really thankful. Although, I really wasn't too bad of a kid. Never really got into too much trouble. Nothing worth a whip anyway. 

After the Cracker Barrel, we had time to kill. We went to the Harley store, only to find that it's always closed on Sundays. We just chilled on the bench outside of it, and took some sun. I also took pictures. They were gonna go for a ride, and I was going to work. poop. It was a good mother's day though. It was nice to finally be home for it for once.  

Plus side, Chris comes today for the summer! Yay! Also... 3 days for Heather!!! hehe. Fun days ahead, I'll be at Heather's starting Wednesday night, till Sunday? With Christopher and Kris. We're gonna go hiking, see Howe Caverns, maybe eat empanadas with my parents, and go to a nice dinner. Yay!

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I want way more Dunny. [04 May 2008|07:25pm]
[ mood | creative ]

So she has calmed down. Since the last post. I think she got really scared when the dr. told me all that stuff. I've lost 20 pounds though! YAY! I fit into a lot of stuffs now. Oh and I'm hula hooping. Hopefully I'll stay with it this time. Dana and I are going to start doing it together actually. I got some impressive bruises last week.  
I was so convinced about getting an apartment. SO excited. I actually found a nice one in Syracuse, victorian house, big apartment, safe area, garage, everything. It was an older house, and had one of those tubs i've always wanted. Even my mom was starting to think of ways to decorate the place. After we visited the place, I went to work. A couple hours later, my mom emails me, and says "Why don't you save up, and just buy a house?"   After all that freaking work I did, trying to find a place, she says this now. So now, I think, I'm going to save up for a house. Crazy right? Makes me feel so old. :( But it'll be nice to have a place of my own, all my own. But this won't be for atleast another year. The boy need to make up his mind about what he wants to do. 

Speaking of the boy, he'll be here next week! YAY! His friend is coming the following Wednesday, and we're all going to spend the next days at Heather's, hanging out, playing games, and drinking. Looks like this summer is going to shape up quite nicely. 

Saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall last night, SO funny. So much better than what I thought it was going to be. I got pretty nostalgic watching it, remembering the water, skies, everything. I can't wait to visit again. 

And yay! We went to Burlington Coat Factory, and I saw this hoodie i had tried on the time before I was there, and it didn't fit then. It was just plain gray, with embroidered tattoos on the arms. IT FITS NOW! :) And yes I bought it. And I bought a white dress. It's very pretty.

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Grrrrrrrrrrrr. I wanna get out. [07 Apr 2008|08:44pm]
[ mood | irate ]

So some history.
It's been a while yes.
I need to get this out.
Friday I went to the dr.'s, and after all the testing they have done, they have concluded that I have PCOS. Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. It's something where you don't get your period for a long time, gain weight around your stomach, and have too much testosterone. Also, insulin resistance. I don't know how long i've had this, because I've always have had trouble with my periods. So who knows. Insulin resistance is pretty serious though, I think it's a big reason why I have so much trouble losing weight. I have been overall pretty healthy, and never worried too much about my weight, no matter whatever ANYONE said. I didn't give a fuck. Whatever. Think what you want of me. So now I'm on some meds for this, and I have to alter my diet. Honestly, I don't eat that much sugar anyway. bleh. So I never really understood why I stayed at the same weight, and now it makes more sense. So i'm now i'm metaformin, which helps use up the insulin. She said i'd lose weight with it. Yay! I can do moderation, and I've done it well. Meanwhile, my mom is freaking out about everything, and thinks I have to alter every single fucking thing I do. Ever since I started working with time warner, I've been careful about what i eat, because office jobs are know for ballooning weight. Plus exercise makes me not hungry.

Last week was my b-day. Fabulous! A friend at work made a cake for me, and Julie brought me cupcakes. Ash made me these fantastic cupcakes. They were awesome. Yesterday I was really good on eating, so I wanted a little bit of a brownie. I get home, and discover them in the trash. They were still in plastic wrap, and I take them out... wondering why they were there in the first place. So I leave a note on them, "Why did you do this? :( " I hate being passive aggressive, thinking the smiley would make up for it. Next morning I wake up, check the note with this being written around the damn thing:

"I thought you didn't want them anymore, I can't believe you did that!! Are you really going to eat all that sugar?? Clean up after yourself, I don't want you to kill yourself, and I don't want to kill myself."

I swear, I read that thing so many times, making sure it was real. WHO THE FUCK SAYS THAT. I didn't know what to say, do, or think. Dramatic maybe? I didn't know. I threw the brownies away, along with the cupcakes, and easter candy. I didn't have a b-day cake, or else I would have thrown that in there too. 

How insensitive can you get? Was I going to eat the whole thing of brownies/cupcakes in one sitting? Have I EVER done that!? 4 bites, and I go into sugar shock. I'm much more of a salty-taste person. Always have been. But with her doing that, that pretty  much got to me, I got so upset, and am still upset, and I don't know what to do. I'm on such a hormone high to begin with, I didn't know if I was over reacting in the first place anyway. I called dana, and spilled. Turns out, I'm not being psycho.  Also Chris said he was upset with how my mom always dealt with my weight. I will admit, yes, I'm a big girl, so what. I guess one time he noticed that my mom said something about me at the dinner table about me always being a big girl, and we all kept our eyes on our food. I don't remember that. I guess i've learned to block all these things out? I never really thought about it till now. To think about it, she has always been down on me. I never wanted to throw it back in her face, maybe I should start. I'm not a vindictive person like that. Maybe I am. Yeah, i'm pretty sure I am. If this is how it's going to be this summer, with her throwing everything of mine out, she has another thing coming. I want to move out so bad. So far I've contacted about 7 people about apartments in syracuse. It's only day one too. I think I just finally snapped. Only so much you can take of abuse right? Physical or verbal. In this case, verbal. She had gotten way to critical of her weight, and everyone else's ever since she's had that fucking surgery. She wants me to do it. No. I can't believe how unhappy she is with herself, that she has to impose on me. I don't get it. I'm not unhappy! I'm not! I want to get healthy, doesn't necessarily going down to a size 2. Which I wouldn't want to be. I don't know. All I know is that i'm way beyond frustrated. One of the most hurtful things that has happened to me, over a plate of fucking brownies?! Unbelievable. I hope it was worth it for her.

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